The Remaining Few: ‘Painted Air’ (1967)

Hailing from San Angelo, Texas, The Remaining Few were the house band at San Angelo’s 13th Hour club for two years. Starting in 1964 as The Boys, a band of four 14-old kids, by 1966 they had established themselves as The Remaining Few. Just 300 copies were pressed of the Ron Newdoll-produced single ‘Painted Air’/'In The Morning' (Askel Records, AK-112). Having relocated to San Francisco around 1968, they disbanded in 1970.

Joel Mulkey: vocals
Robert Specht: lead guitar
Mike Jones: guitar
Frosty McKee: bass
Larry Logan: keyboards
Robert Glodt: drums

Here I lie on my deathbed,
recalling things said,
as my world slips away.

A man stands over me,
one final plea,
though I disagree.

Cars, daytime and light,
running red light.
Other drivers won’t yield.

People stand without sound,
tears touch the ground,
and soon dry away.

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